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An asset for the company, websites are the first point of interaction between potential customers and the brand. A credible web development site empowers the user, and maximizes conversion. Execute simple to powerful web solutions to boost business growth and potential.

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Mobile Responsive

Go mobile-first with highly responsive, scalable and optimized websites that drive growth.


SEO Friendly Navigation

Using in-built SEO functionality website development services and frameworks that are optimized for search engines, build your business visibility.



Enhance customer support with a multi-lingual, highly efficient and seamless website.



Using industry best practices, and incorporating standard methodologies, integrate best-in-class themes, extensions and third party APIs and apps for smooth operations.



Customize your website design and gain complete control with easy-to-use frameworks.



Incorporate web analytics for complete insights into the websites and business to leverage opportunities.



Awesome, inspiring and full-stack CMS development using leading technologies such as Wordpress, and Joomla.


Mobile Backend & APIs

Opportune mobile backend and API integration that helps fast operations and high performance apps to offer value to users.


CRM Solutions

Improve customer relations and increase sales and conversion with efficient CRM solutions as a part of our professional web development services.


In Which We Develope


Dependable, impressive and personalized web solutions to maximize your conversions. With fewer interdependencies, and a highly efficient team by your side, you can launch a cost-efficient solution ahead of your competition.

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Redefining frontend experience and boosting backend communications for faster and efficient websites. Our aim is to sync creativity with functionality for perfectly balanced and effective websites.

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Our professional web development services deliver cost-effective, highly robust, high-performance and business oriented solutions that exceed client expectations by offering immersive experiences. We have experience in delivering mission critical solutions.

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Highly competitive, lightweight and productive web applications for Node.js. We help boost business applications by catering to business and user insights and offer real-time and impactful business solutions.

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High-performance, efficient, dynamic and robust web solutions that are progressive in nature. Our web development services company offer responsive websites using effective and highly organized strategies. Our aim is to improve user experience.

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Whether you need a content based solution or an eCommerce solution, Wordpress offers endless creations. With our experience, we help cater to personalized needs and insightful websites that are scalable and usable.

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Project Planning.

Building on insights developed on project requirements stated by you, we give you a credible and defined plan for the web development site. We strategize the entire process, from start to end, and align it to your business goals.




Understanding the usage and the different user’s requirements, we design the UI and UX for the web app. Ensuring proper placements, colours, fonts and even blocks, we deliver a design targeted for the segment you have in mind. 



Web Development.

Based on the goals and the project plan as well as designs, we start the coding process. We ensure build-to-test, which allows us to deploy a bug-free and rigorously tested web development site in Sweden while incorporating feedback and keeping an eye out for engagement.

Project Planning

Our website development services in Sweden conducts a thorough analysis of the project idea, the target audience and the project requirements, before settling into building a strategy for the development. Our web development services company first step involves identifying the different aspects of the business, knowing the purpose of building a web app, segmenting the audience, and acknowledging the goals for the business and the app. We do a complete competition and demographic analysis for the insights, using which we deliver the project plan.

  • CheckedDefining goals and objectives
  • CheckedIdentifying vision and mission
  • CheckedCompetition analysis
  • CheckedTarget audience analysis
  • CheckedDemographic study
  • CheckedInsight building
  • CheckedProject blueprint
  • CheckedUser adoption study
  • CheckedBudget allocation

UI/UX Design

The design is an integral element of a web app, which encourages engagement and downloads. Placement of the elements is crucial while designing the web app. that’s why after a detailed study and analysis of the usage patterns and consumption of a website or web app, we design the user interface and user experience for the site or app. Our web design and development services create wireframes, which on approval are converted into actual designs that give a broad understanding of navigation, screen space, placements and experience.

  • CheckedApp usage study
  • CheckedAnalysis of the user
  • CheckedStoryboard, and user personas
  • CheckedDefine the site workflow
  • CheckedWireframe designs
  • CheckedPrototype development
  • CheckedA/B testing

Web Development

The final phase is the one that can make or break the professional web development services development of the web application or website. We use the designs to understand the coding and optimize the same for the website. At this point, we code the websites for both frontend and backend. We test the app rigorously to check for bugs and consistently keep up with the demands of the application. We ensure that a well-optimized, bug-free and clean app is released to the app store.

  • CheckedDevelopment of app based on requirements
  • CheckedCoding and code optimization
  • CheckedTesting
  • Checked3rd party application integration
  • CheckedCheck of functionality

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We had partnered with Zennaxx for two mobile app projects. One was a social media app for the election times while, the other was a social media app for the food niche. They provided excellent service both times. They understood our requirements perfectly, and translated it into a proper app. We were involved throughout the project. We really admire the speed and zest with which they work. We totally loved the results we got.

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Whymon, CEO


Zennaxx Technology seemed like a perfect fit for our application requirements. They were committed to the project, and looked into every aspect of project development. Whether it was ideation or planning or delivery, everything was smooth and perfect. I would say, just like their mobile app, we also enjoyed a seamless experience working with them.

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Plegium, Business Owner


When you have an app idea, it is really difficult to make others understand, when it is raw and still in the ideation stage. However, with Zennaxx Technology, we did not face this issue. When I first told them the idea, they were on-board completely, and understood it right at the start. We had a smooth journey, working with them. They took care of everything, and offered us a top-quality product. I would personally recommend Zennaxx Technology to everyone, who wants to get a mobile or web app developed.

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Asian Tiger, Team Leader


Zennaxx Technology did an amazing job with the application we needed developed. They were timely, perfect and responsive. Their communication was on point, so there was no room for mistakes. We really enjoyed working with them.

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Consulting Agency, Managing Director

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