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How does App Plegium Pepper Spray Works?

The Plegium Combo Pepper Spray is a combined pepper spray with siren and strobe LEDs. It is the first kind in the World, and much better than any other pepper sprays. When we fire this pepper spray, all the functions activates automatically. The pepper spray blinds the attacker, the powerful siren will attract the attention of the scene and the strobe LED lights assist you to plan in the dark place.

Read Details of Plegium App

The PlegiumĀ® app gives detailed information about the Plegium Smart personal safety products. When you fire your Plegium SMART personal safety device, this application reacts immediately and automatically send the text messages to your emergency contact numbers with the Google Maps link showing your nearby location or Suburbs.


First challenge


The main agenda of the client was to give a quick and easy way to find the best companies in the industry divided categories. The accurate significance was placed for making the application process for finding a right company will make you find quick and easy to do since it is the mobile app designed for the working professionals whose time was very valuable and make their timing to save as a big asset.


Focus on usability

UI/UX Design

Zennaxx Technologies not only design mobile application as per the directory by categories. Zennaxx also added filters by cities, suburbs or geo-location; so that every mobile user will be easily select the right company which suits their needs based on distance. We also included additional value by offering weather data as well as oil prices. Zennaxx Tech design and development the world-class mobile apps to combine pepper spray with multiple and other safety functions.


A job well done


The end result of Plegium mobile application was specially designed to simplify the lifestyle of the working professionals to get high quality product which they are searching for. With the spontaneous app design and with all the latest functionalities and features, Zennaxx can assure that the working professionals will love the product and get high quality device with good specifications as per industry needs on a day to day requirements.

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