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Tasks:UX, UI, Development

Benefits of App Namey Lite

The App Namey Lite assist to solve the real problem, how to select the name for your baby when we were having so many options and also was the anxious family members ready to offer their specific names suggested.

How App Maney Lite Works?

Several mobile users from the nations Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and many other nations select App Namey Lite for making date with their loved people for serious relationship to show their love and affection of their dated candidate. Find latest users on the application to get auto notifications.


First challenge


Our top agenda was to give the best service for our clients and deliver high quality to find an easy way to find the right company as per the marketing categories. The specific search filtering of baby name, first letter, desired letters, name meaning, and other family members names done by artificial intelligence & smart algorithmic matching, users can find baby name by suggestions given to your unique requirements. This App was designed to save the time of working users.


Focus on usability

UI/UX Design

Zennaxx UX Designed App Namey Lite assist you to solve the issues faced by users, helps how to find the best name for your baby when you’re confused with options. The family members are very excited and ready to share their name suggestions. Our App is very well filtered applicable for the city and supports for geo-location and supports proper data source for all kinds of weather conditions. Check our design for more information.


A job well done


The final agenda of our mobile application was specially designed to strengthen the life of working professionals with family members. We want you to share the love with other baby names and install Namey Lite from the Google Play Store. We want every user to rate us what you love and what you’re like to see the improvement to enhance with your baby naming experience. Our app will help professionals of different industries on a day-to-day basis.

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