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Android & iOS

Platform:iOS, Android

Tasks:UX, UI, Development

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Get the trending news on App Diet Box on the roadside stalls to get the best diet food for good health from the Bandee Place. Each and every food which you see on the road makes you meet food trucks and the latest tending food store information.

Benefits of the Mobile App Diet Box

Zennaxx will make you meet with high quality and healthy street food, culture, goods which will make you connect and taste the delicious food found across the world. Now you can create your own street shops in your suburb and bring your brand top best in your locality.


First challenge


Our App Diet Box project agenda was to give quality and best service for users to know the companies as per industry categories. The Mobile Application Diet Box was to offer quick and easy service to the online users to give the enhanced app to meet the user expectations. This app was specially designed for working professionals who are in need of the service to save their valuable time.


Focus on usability

UI/UX Design

This mobile application we have designed for all directories as per category level which was added with active filters for all cities and geo-location, to make the online users can easily select the best company which fits for their requirements based on the distance. Zennaxx has also included the additional value which gives the best quality service at bad weather conditions with affordable costing.


A job well done


The final execution of this mobile application was specially designed to enhance the lifestyle of the working professionals as per industry trends. The app design and development was done with all the newly released features and functionalities as per the businessmen and working professionals to fulfill day-to-day requirements. Install Mobile App Diet Box to know the technical aspects support to your Smartphone.

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