Tasks:UX, UI, Development

What is Mobile App Cosmunity?

The App Cosmunity will bring all the virtual marketing conventions, event discovery, social media connections, and media planning will share the devoted to the geek culture fans. The Mobile App Cosmunity was only the initial network which brings together.

How Does App Cosmunity Works?

Zennaxx is well known Mobile App Design and Development Company will make you meet App Consmunity street food, culture, goods from across the parts of the Globe. We make you create your own street shopping stalls and also make you bring the top name.


First challenge


The primary agenda of Zennaxx was to give the client a quick and easy way to find the companies of their technologies which was divided by the concern categories. Especially the emphasis was placed for making the process to find the best company which design quick and simple for the user interface, as this was designed for the app to the working professionals who will save their valuable time.


Focus on usability

UI/UX Design

The UX Design will keep some lovable designs as market trends; the blue-on-blue or color themes will connect the targeted audience, and will not have a chance to change this into something with a stronger contrast is a surprising miss. Zennaxx Technologies specialize in designing the ample of directories as per industry needs, and we will also add the active filtering for cities and geo-location mapping.


A job well done.


We give the final result of the App Cosmunity was designed to make the mode of life very easy for the employees in the different industries, but this will have a very good effect for Software Professions. The user connecting design with the dynamic functionalities will make users from all the industries for their day-to-day needs to survive as per the market standards.

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