Bandi Place

Android & iOS

Platform:iOS, Android


Tasks:UX, UI, Development

What is Mobile App Bandi Place?

App Bandi Place is the one of the trendy food courts which found on the roadside hygienic food which loved by Family to feel 100% family food, which makes feel new generation to come out with family to expand their love on a family by eating Bandi Place food. Bandi Place will make you meet on the road at food trucks.

Why Install Bandi Place App?

Install the Bandi Place App in your smartphones to know you’re nearest and track bandi place food courts in your suburb. Meet the nearby food trucks and pop-up the store information and food gallery and pricing in mobile application and place an order in your budget. It is very easy to view where you’re in the correct place to have quality food.




The major agenda of the client was to give an offer for a quick and easy way to select the companies of the sector divided as the categories. The particular emphasis was placed by making the process to search the best company within quick and simple to perform. As the mobile application was designed for the working professional who does not want to lose their valuable working time and not to disturb their daily schedule.



UI/UX Design

This Mobile application was not only designed as a directory for the categories but we have also added the filters by the cities and suburbs so that every user will easily select the best company which fits for their needs as per the distance. We have also combined the additional value by offering the weather statistics in addition to oil prices.


A job well done


At the end of the time this kind of mobile application, which was specially designed to simplify and make the mode of life of the working professionals easy to find top quality Bandi place to get healthy food for your family, with the latest trending design to get all kinds of the functionalities for the working professionals of the selected food category to get quality food for app viewers on daily basis.

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