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Hire AngularJS Developers

By adding new characteristics to the HTML DOM, we may create robust web applications using this framework. During the front-end construction of the website, you may see results immediately thanks to the detailed in-built and real-time modules it provides. As industry leaders, we are proficient in using AngularJS to build highly flexible websites with beautiful user experiences.

Our front-end developers are Angular framework experts that can break down even the most complicated business problems and provide clear, concise, and effective solutions.

In hiring an AngularJS developer, you will have full access to all of the project's technical resources. We provide unrivaled visibility, adaptability, and scalability to propel your digital innovation and change.

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Custom Web App Developers

Our firm specializes in AngularJS development, and our team of AngularJS developers is committed to creating robust, individualized Angular websites.


App UI/UX Developers

Using material design and other best practices, our Angular professionals guarantee to create original and excellent UI/UX development.


Angular Consultants

Talk to our Angular developers if you need help understanding how a certain functionality is handled in the Angular framework or if you're unsure whether Angular is the appropriate match for your project.


Custom AngularJS Development

To construct unique AngularJS applications, Soft Suave has become well-known. Your unique needs may be efficiently met by using our developers' extensive experience.


Ajax Development

Our developers are knowledgeable and have extensive Ajax development expertise. We promise that Ajax will solve any sophisticated client-side programming challenges.


Web API Service Integration

Without making any mistakes or exposing sensitive information, our top-tier AngularJS developers in the USA may include any API from any third party into your web applications.


Hire Vue JS Developers

Our VueJS programmers are savvy in cutting-edge tools and have worked with every major and minor release of VueJS. They can construct desktop apps with ElectronJS and hybrid applications using Capacitor or Native Scripts. Develop native applications, SPAs, bespoke apps, cloud solutions, and more.

Our Vue.js developers have worked in every conceivable market sector throughout their careers. Look at how they've done in the past and hire them for your upcoming endeavor if you like what you see.

We are the industry leaders in developing high-octane, performance-focused, real-time apps using our expertise in Vue.js application development. We provide Vue.js developer services so that your team may have access to the specialized knowledge and skills they need.

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Vue.Js Migration Services

Hire our VueJS developer to improve your existing website, as we are experts in transferring your application to Vue.JS and version upgrades.


Client Engagement

Hire our developer to improve your website that's already up and running. We're experts at migrating your application to Vue.JS or upgrading your model without any problems.


Performance Metrics

The program's architecture considers various performance measures, including memory leaks, app topology, and dependencies on dedicated developers.


Single Page Application Development

Using VueJS, you may create a single-page application (SPA) for your company. VueJS allows for creating single-page applications due to its reduced size and increased speed.


Custom Application Development

We have acquired specialist knowledge in VueJS development and can create a VueJS application for your company.


Support And Maintenance

After your project's release, our Vue.JS programmers will provide timely support and maintenance, resulting in a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

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Hire NodeJS Developers

Our specialized Node js developer hiring services include full visibility into all stages of development and detailed reporting. Any rights to the program's underlying code are yours to keep and use whatever you see fit. Web app development is a specialty of our Node JS programmers.

Because of its status as a leading Node.js development firm, MindInventory is assisting its customers in delivering cross-channel web development solutions.

Use our Node.js development services to create cutting-edge NodeJS applications that communicate with relational databases like MYSQL, SQL, Oracle, and NoSQL databases like MongoDB and CouchDB.

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Custom Node.JS Programming

Our Node.JS programmers have worked with AWS, containers, serverless solutions, and monolithic architectures to successfully create scalable apps.


API Development and Integration

Our Node.JS experts build APIs based on how often they need to talk to other pieces of software. Leverage how APIs are used inside an application to connect to a service.


Node.JS Plug-Ins Development

We don't have to reinvent the wheel with all the community-built plugins. We also produce exclusive plugins for you and those made to order.


Web and app development

Take advantage of our expert NodeJS developers, who are well-versed in creating scalable real-time applications if you need a fast and lightweight web or mobile app.


Maintenance & Support

Our maintenance and support experts for NodeJS can help you leverage technology that blends with multiple systems. Hire top NodeJS experts to keep your systems up and to run.


Node Package Development

Hire NodeJS engineers to build an API for your company. Hire quality NodeJS developers to create secure APIs and high-performing applications.

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Hire ReactJS Developers

With our different AngularJS services, you can create highly scalable business applications. Working with the leading AngularJS development firm may give you the skills necessary to create dynamic websites and applications. This allows Zennaxx to provide trustworthy, low-cost options for businesses.

Our web application development services, which may include Angular web development, are tailored to meet your specific business and development requirements. With the support of our state-of-the-art Angular web development services, businesses can achieve their objectives and stand out from the competition.

Hiring offshore Vue.js developers with years of experience and a high level of proficiency and leveraging adaptable recruitment engagement modules will allow you to complete a complex project or one with particular demands.

Access online portals for computers, portable devices, and the Internet. Due to our embrace of agile development practices, we can deliver high-quality Vue.js apps in less time and for less money.

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ReactJS Custom Web App Development

Look for experienced ReactJS programmers who can contribute to ongoing projects and help you build novel web-based answers to problems.


ReactJS Migration & Integration

Our offsite ReactJS engineers can assist you with migrating your existing web apps and infrastructure to ReactJS.


Enterprise in ReactJS Web Apps

Our ReactJS team develops reliable web-based solutions for startups and small & medium businesses alike to drive better results.


ReactJS UI/UX Development

Our developers use UI/UX frameworks to their utmost extent to provide a satisfying experience across all platforms.


Seamless Integration

By integrating their current apps and systems with ReactJS technology, our ReactJS development business can assist clients in taking advantage of the platform.


Custom Web Application

With the assistance of ReactJS, you may build spectacular e-commerce, social network, and online marketplace applications.

Hire efficient and experienced experts

Hire Full Stack Developer

We are a top Full Stack development business with specialized personnel working with several server platforms, application programming interfaces, model-view-controller frameworks, data sources, and hosting configurations. Our extensive background in the field and in-depth understanding of the technology at hand give us a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

After finishing over a hundred projects, we're confident in our ability to streamline your technology while delivering high-quality code, enhanced performance, a delightful user interface, and cutting-edge solutions. Full-time, part-time, and hourly developer staffing options are all available via MultiQoS.

Regarding the development life cycle, our team of skilled and experienced full-stack developers will be your beacon. They have expert knowledge in MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, and PostgreSQL in addition to other databases and server-side technologies such as Angular, React, Vue, and Backbone JS.

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Programming languages include Ruby, PHP, and Python. Full stack developers should know at least the fundamentals of these languages so they can construct the website's backdrop or maintain its functioning if a backend developer created it.



If anything sneaks into your website and causes difficulties, it might harm your company and users. A full-stack developer must grasp the fundamentals of security and best practices to ensure that your website meets standard requirements.


Web Design

Hire dedicated web developers to craft a complete solution that offers changing design aspects. Choosing the frontend part for a complete stack developer may also change design aspects.



Another front-end developer-focused component. It employs HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to make the website seem nice to users. Our full-stack developers should know coding languages so they can update your website as needed.


User Experience

Website usability is key. Without a good user experience, they'll leave. Hire dedicated UX developers as part of a full-stack developer who can maximize user experience.


Full stack development

Our devoted team of developers is well-versed in the development and API technologies essential to creating a Full Stack app, and they have the necessary skill sets to do it.

Sleek and Ultra-Modern

WordPress Development

Zennaxx is a leading web application development company in Sweden that boasts a deep architectural and implementation knowledge in enterprise-level WordPress website design, information architecture, development, and support.

We have successfully delivered WordPress websites for SMEs, brands, publishers, and extensive enterprise-level companies. Our expert WordPress developers are focused on designing and developing WordPress Websites of all complexity and magnitude, right from startups to complex responsive multi-site installations for big companies. At Zennaxx, we have a detailed process to identify your company’s unique WordPress website needs and meet them most adequately within your budget and timeline.

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Custom Development

Our WordPress developers will know which plugins to utilize and add advanced features to make your website stand out.


WordPress Customization

We take the time to understand your company's long-term vision before embarking on creating a customized website that meets all of your aims and priorities.


Custom WordPress Blog

Zennaxx takes pride in its dedicated WordPress development team, which will construct a highly reliable blog site for your company.


Convert your website to WordPress

If you're redesigning your present website and require a content management system, WordPress Developers can help.


WordPress API Integration

Integrate the WordPress API with Google, Salesforce, MailChimp, and other services to streamline the company's workflow.


Custom WordPress Plugin Development

We offer WordPress plugin development services to solve business challenges and add genuine value to their operations.

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We provide professional creation of ecommerce websites, which has been shown to enhance returns on investment. Here you could discover top-tier programmers with experience in various industries. Our company's objective is to provide the help that is original and resourceful for each of our clients.


Our committed mobile app developers will keep your information and code private, open to inspection, and secure at all times. In addition, they are skilled in modern technologies like React Native, Flutter, iOS, Android, Kotlin, and others, and they can effectively use these skills to develop scalable solutions at affordable pricing.


Our committed mobile app developers will keep your information and code private, open to inspection, and secure at all times. In addition, they are skilled in modern technologies like React Native, Flutter, iOS, Android, Kotlin, and others, and they can effectively use these skills to develop scalable solutions at affordable pricing.



Hiring Models


Your in-house talent pool turning out to be too expensive? virtual extended team of developers is all you need.

Availibility: 40 hours a week
Billing: Hourly, Monthly
Hiring Period: Minimum 3 Months


Ideal to bridge gaps between project requirements and resource availabilities. On-demand premises visits.

Availibility: 40-50 hours a week
Billing: Weekly/Monthly
Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Months


Based on your project requirements, work with dedicated development teams. You have complete control and charge of your team. On-demand premises visits.

Availibility: 8 Hours a day in your local time
Billing: Monthly
Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month


Add another wing to your existing development team Get additional development support and roll out the most stable version of your app

Availibility: As per your needs
Billing: Contractual
Hiring Period: Contractual


Crafting brilliance across industries

Why Choose us

We've finished projects for companies of all kinds, no matter how big or little they were. Zennaxx has firmly planted itself in the market as a PHP development agency thanks to the reliability of its clientele. We often form partnerships with other companies to provide unique products. To guarantee the highest quality of work for our clients, we have a dedicated project manager who supervises all PHP web development projects.


Experienced & Skilled Resources

Hire a range of skilled and experienced front-end developers to smoothen your project tasks and offer quicker, smarter resolutions to bottlenecks.


Faster Communication

When you hire dedicated front-end developers, you can connect with them using your preferred method for faster communication.


Flexible Pricing Models

Hire dedicated developers based on business and project requirements, as it helps you scale when needed and shrink when not.


Regular Reporting

Regular updates on the project development will be sent to you by the team so you can stay informed.


PMS Updation

Hire a reliable team of developers who regularly updates the project management system to keep your team in the loop with real-time monitoring.


Total Commitment

Dedicated developers won't cause distraction or delays as they work on the task list to offer 100% commitment that ensures the timely delivery.

Compelling results, consistently

Our Work

Our mobile and web development company has delivered quality results time after time on a consistent basis. Here’s how we do what we do, uniquely!

Why Clients Love Us

What We Live For


We had partnered with Zennaxx for two mobile app projects. One was a social media app for the election times while, the other was a social media app for the food niche. They provided excellent service both times. They understood our requirements perfectly, and translated it into a proper app. We were involved throughout the project. We really admire the speed and zest with which they work. We totally loved the results we got.

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Whymon, CEO


Zennaxx Technology seemed like a perfect fit for our application requirements. They were committed to the project, and looked into every aspect of project development. Whether it was ideation or planning or delivery, everything was smooth and perfect. I would say, just like their mobile app, we also enjoyed a seamless experience working with them.

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Plegium, Business Owner


When you have an app idea, it is really difficult to make others understand, when it is raw and still in the ideation stage. However, with Zennaxx Technology, we did not face this issue. When I first told them the idea, they were on-board completely, and understood it right at the start. We had a smooth journey, working with them. They took care of everything, and offered us a top-quality product. I would personally recommend Zennaxx Technology to everyone, who wants to get a mobile or web app developed.

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Asian Tiger, Team Leader


Zennaxx Technology did an amazing job with the application we needed developed. They were timely, perfect and responsive. Their communication was on point, so there was no room for mistakes. We really enjoyed working with them.

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Consulting Agency, Managing Director

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