Top Features to Include while Creating a Travel App


Travel mobile apps have become a one-stop destination for agencies that allow prospective travelers to plan several mobile activities.

As travel agencies need a maximum return from their invested money on travel app development services, which is when it boils down to features. of mobile app must include some essential elements to obtain the profit. Below is the list of highlights that a mobile app for a travel agency should ideally have:

#1. Travel Itinerary Generator

It is observed that tourist tends to plan their trips independently over readymade itineraries offered by travel agencies. Scrutinizing this craze, travel app development companies cater to the precise requirement for their users with an itinerary generator. This feature of the mobile travel app with be based on the detail of 'location' entered by the user. The itinerary generator organizes a travel plan for the desired number of days, including details of famous spots to visit and activities to be done.

It helps to generate specialized and convenient itineraries along with AI-based autosuggestions. Creating this robust and time-saving tool will make the travel app development services more productive and profitable. Moreover, online conversation functionality will improve the conversion and eventually make your application more proficient. 

#2. Geographical tools 

One of the most important things for tourists is to have up to date knowledge about the climatic conditions at their preferred destination. Mobile app for travel should include essential information to users on the day and night temperature of a specific place. 

For travellers, maps are among their best friends and navigation bar as it permits them to discover the place to their satisfaction. Onboard a travel app development company that includes offline maps and navigation functionality, travelers will not need to download and use third-party apps.

Make it simple by letting the user enter the place they wish to go in the 'map' and navigation to reach the destination in the quickest possible way. Offline map and navigation functionality are significant, especially in mobile travel apps, as there are weak mobile networks and a lack of internet connection in isolated sites.

#3. Travel Booking 

Online booking has become a necessity. It makes no sense to hire mobile app development for the travel agency to let users make hotel and flight booking online; essentially, it will fail to serve its purpose without this.

The travel agency's objective behind hiring travel app development services is to deliver minute details to travelers and assist them with all options related to trip schedules. Users will remain in your app if it enables them to make reservations for accommodation and flight seat booking.

#4. Assembled Currency Convertor and Translator

Your travel app plan should also include features of 'currency convertor' and 'language translator.' These are the features which would be essential for your user when they are going for international trips. For example, when the traveler is out for window-shopping, he can immediately use a currency converter to know the accurate cost of the item and assess whether to buy or not.

Likewise, language translators are essential in international trips to know local people's language and communicate with them for basic needs. When travel agencies integrate these types of user-oriented features in their app, the travel mobile app's serviceability significantly improves.

#5. Listen to your Consumer

It has been observed that online reviews significantly impact most global travellers' decision to book their travel.

Reading the review of past travellers in the travel industry matters a lot. Customers may be planning to visit an unexplored place, and as a result, they usually prefer to read reviews of the spot and nearby hotels to support their choice.

It is vital for mobile apps for travel agencies to showcase many unbiased reviews and user preferences. For your app to be more trustworthy, it is critical to hire the best travel app development company to be transparent and permit users to post a review and share their experience. Mostly casual travellers read on an average of 5 to 7 reviews before making travel bookings, while on the flip side, business travellers read an average of 4 reviews.

#6. Integrating Payment Gateway 

For making the app simple for consumers, it is useful to integrate a secured payment gateway for flight booking or hotel accommodation. With these features, it becomes extremely convenient for a user to search for tickets or hotel rooms when they are integrated into the mobile travel app as this will help them find the best deal and make the bookings.

#7. Customer Service through Mobile App

Nowadays, there is a new trend to include an option to chat with mobile apps agents. Generally, in organizations that cannot afford enough support staff members, they can implement AI-powered chatbots that offer 24/7 assistance to app users. Whenever users can discuss their query with a travel agency, they will feel connected to the brand, which raises their prospects of using it again for making future reservations.

#8. Support for Social Media Sharing

According to Statistical research, it is expected that social media users will increase by twice the number in 2023. The value of social media is known to everyone. Millennials are more influenced towards sharing their travel experiences with their social circle. Therefore, it indeed becomes meaningful when the mobile app offers integrated social media accounts for users. What more do you want when your app consumers become a brand ambassador of your travel agency!

Therefore, it is wise for any travel agency to create a practical, user-friendly mobile application. It will require substantial investment for sure, but it is reasonable compensation for the future positive outcomes from the advantage of an application.

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Tip: Budget for creating a travel app

The cost to redevelop an application for two platforms is around $103,600. The rate is calculated based on $50/hour (Eastern Europe, Ukraine). The exact number completely depends on the needs and features needed.

\Our market analysis shows that travel app creation would take at least 2,072 hours, including backend, iOS, and Android development.

Besides, the overall cost of travel app creation depends on which country you'll be doing business with.

Do consider the costs depending on the where you get your travel app development done. 

  • Eastern Europe. $103,600 (based on $50/h)

  • Central and Western Europe. $207,200 (based on $100/h)

  • USA. $310,800 (based on $150/h)

  • Australia. $207,200 (based on $100/h)

Our Expertise

We used Google Maps APIs to provide a superior user experience for online maps. Using a map, we can find all the resources we need. Yes, there is a chatting system in the app, enabling rapid communication between service owners and customers.

Travel app companies are profitable and easy to monetize. Even if you are a travel agent for a local travel agency, it does not matter how fancy your agency is because what you care about is how creative your app can be.

If you still have any questions or are confused about how much it costs to hire an app developer, start a business app, outsource an app, or start a business app, please fill out our contact us form. One of our representatives will reply to you when a solution to your issue is available. The consultation is free of charge.


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