Things To Consider Before Medical Consultation App Development


These days, a growing number of patients and people recovering from diseases tend to consult their physicians and healthcare experts from the comfort of their own homes. Also, it serves the purpose of social distancing and not risking one's health amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Begin your journey with an online medical consultation app development company to serve patients who are always on the lookout for reputable doctor on-demand smartphone applications. Provide online medical consultation where doctors can chat with patients for free, provide a quick e-consultation and payment portal that allows your patients to get consultations from their cell phones.

Hire the experienced team who can help create the best online doctor appointment application or online consultation app for healthcare and inspections. You will get your appointment service over google hangouts via our Doctor on Demand App Creation Services. It will also include all big contemporary instant messenger applications so that your clinicians can touch you with their favourite interface and communicate with you.

Onboarding a doctor consultation services provider can help design the ideal environment for you and your patients with a combination of cutting-edge technologies and domain knowledge.

The current state of medical mobile app development

Consumer polls conducted in the US report that one-fifth of American adults use one or more health monitoring applications. A third of doctors have approved an application for a patient last year. Around one billion smartphone users worldwide have a fitness or medical service, and this status will be expected to triple within the next few years.

According to the Digital Health Growth Survey, the world's top app stores now have more than 318,000 health applications. As this advanced technologically enabled healthcare style expands, hospitals and others have started developing the medical health app for patients to gather and exchange knowledge effectively.

Not all of these digital interventions, however, are a successful case of online medical consultation. Many medical smartphone applications fail to meet consumer needs due to weak user experience, frustrating user interfaces, and unsatisfying features.

It's important to understand where hospital app growth has gone wrong in the past to create an outstanding smartphone app for clinical care. Most software currently available on the market have the following major flaws:

• a muddled system that doesn't answer a particular issue. 

• a lack of clinical input. 

• low usability. 

• a refusal to adhere to strict privacy and protection regulations.

Online Doctor Consultation App Development Services for Doctors and Physicians includes the following:

Doctor Consultation App

Enable your patients to reach you and receive advice through video chat and updates on their mobile phones.

Manage Online Consulting

Established patients will benefit from your advice, and new patients will be encouraged to contact you.

Payment Gateway Integrated

You can charge per hour or by the session, and payments will be taken automatically for the online doctor consultation.

Handle Multiple Consultations

By offering consulting services to many patients simultaneously, you can increase your income per hour.

Paid/Free Switching

You can either opt to have a free chat and live video or pay for your time.

For Android & IOS

Getting a mobile app with various mobile OSs allows you to reach out to more patients.

Core Features of Online Consultation App for Doctors


Patients can easily register by entering their phone numbers or email addresses.

Branding from start to finish

Get the online medical consultation app development company to create a custom doctor appointment app with the logo, clinic name, or your own name for your medical practice.

Several Authentication Methods

Enable patients to log into your mobile app and use an OTP, a password, or a fingerprint sensor.

Dynamic Invoicing 

Charge by the hour or according to your own schedule for an online doctor consultation, and then deliver flexible invoices to your patients based on rendered services.

Accept Payments in Advance

Enable your patients to buy credits or charge a fee. After the session, the money will be deducted automatically.

Saving Pre-recorded videos

Enable your patients to watch informative healthcare videos to raise awareness and, as a result, create your brand.

Video Uploads 

Allow your patients to submit their own videos for you to review at your leisure.

Integration of Digital Wallets

Enable your consumers to pay you using any modern digital wallet, including cryptocurrency payments, as well as add-ons.

Social Media Integration

Your patients for online medical consultation will be able to use the app to add case studies about your consulting services to their social media accounts.


Try accommodating as many languages and currencies as possible to cater to wider audiences.

Booking and checking appointments

With this feature, doctors can easily manage their appointments to book and arrange work according to availability. Additionally, let the online medical consultation app development company enable doctors with the feature that allows them to keep a watch on the number of appointments in a day, number of patients to be treated, and timing.

Cancel the appointment request

If they are unavailable on a specific day, they may use this function to decline the appointment order.

Written online prescription

This feature helps the physician to provide online consultations as well as prescribe medication through live chat. The feature eliminates the need for a patient to visit them personally.

Make changes in the appointment schedule

According to doctors who provide online doctor consultation, this option enables doctors to adjust at any time if they need to deal with an emergency. As a result, doctors will reschedule their appointments to suit their schedules.

Why should you develop an app for online medical consultation?


The EHR stands for Electronic Health Record, according to experts who provide healthcare advisory App Development services. The EHR helps to overcome the divide between clinics and reports. Ideally, patients don't need to stress gathering their tales and presenting them to their doctor with this service. The software needs to be designed for the convenience of the patient.

Virtual Visit

The best thing about the mobile app is that it allows you to consult any of the doctors in any place. Patients do not need to travel long distances since a virtual visit feature-rich app allows them to meet with a doctor easily.

Mobile Health

Doctors Product Development Company experts say that the app is of great benefit to every wellness, fitness, medication, or pharmaceutical industry. The app provides both patients and physicians with a global level of change.

Benefits of Zennaxx's on-demand doctor consultation app

The medical industry benefits from our on-demand doctor consultation app because it creates a connection between the patient and the doctor. And those who live in remote areas can receive medical assistance quickly with the advent of online doctor consultation app development services. Here are a few other advantages of using a healthcare app.

Increased Convenience

To see a doctor for consultation or treatment of chronic conditions, neither the doctor nor the patient must go to a hospital or medical centre.


The doctor and the patient will communicate without going through several departments or wasting time filling out redundant forms.

Data Security

The application complies with HIPAA standards and regulations that guarantee patient shares in health-related data during consulting and registration.

Accessible to Everyone

The online doctor consultation app allows a doctor to communicate with patients in rural areas because they need a smartphone and an internet connection.

How much does it cost to build a medical application?

The app's complexity largely determines the cost of a developing medical consultation app and the number of hours spent developing it. According to our experience, developing a mobile health app for Android would take 35-40 days, and developing an app for iOS will take the same amount of time. It will take about 20 days to design a medical mobile app for both operating systems. The hourly rates for online doctor consultation app development services depend on the number of features you opt to include. 

Our online medical consultation app development company charges €25-€30 per hour in Sweden.

Outsourcing medical health app development can be a perfect option for those looking to save resources (e.g., money, time inside the company, etc.) while achieving the same high-quality outcome. 


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