How much does it cost to develop an app in Stockholm, Sweden


The app’s market positioning, features integration, development team location, and complexity of the application are looked at during consultation and meetings. Provided that you have the proof of concept and have the precise guidelines for the most viable product, estimating the cost is possible.

Also, the type of development process that you follow also plays a vital role in the cost. For instance, comparing the cost of hiring an in-house team with that of a group of freelancers based in Stockholm or even hiring an agency will be different.

Hence, in this article, we will talk about the factors you must consider while deciding the cost vis a vis the type of team you choose.


How to Estimate the Cost of Application Development?

The top mobile app development companies will start with a discovery workshop process. This is where you will be able to get the proof of concept. A discovery workshop helps you develop your application’s idea and helps ascertain its market value proposition.

Once you have the proof of concept and run a viability check, list down the features you want to include in the application’s MVP version. Be it a custom application development process or a native app development; it is recommended to build the MVP version first.

Any application can be scaled as per the market response. Thus, developing an MVP will help you save development time and cost.

Based on these features and more importantly, the time taken to build an application with these features, you can estimate the cost.


Let’s segregate the development functions.

To make it more digestible, let’s breakdown the android app development aspects. And the breakdown will be the same for iPhone app development with a few changes in the tech stack and the mode of development.

Backend development

Also called server-side development and backend development represents the bridge between the database and the browser. This means that how an application will work (not look or transition) is the backend part.

Frontend Development

This is the client-side of the application and consists of the designing, code analysis, debugging, and UI/UX. The frontend development is how the application will look to the user and how it interacts with the user.

Project Management

Consider it as the DevOps part of the mobile app development and involves implementing agile development procedures that ensure adherence to guidelines and timely delivery.

Debugging and Quality Assurance

Similar to a dedicated developer, the successful development of the application requires employing a dedicated debugging system and quality assurance.

Based on these core functionalities of application development, it becomes easier to identify the total number of hours needed for development. Based on the hours, we can estimate the final cost.


Team Selection and Cost Estimation

The average cost of mobile app development in Sweden lies between $60 to $150 per hour. Based on the core functionalities mentioned above, if it takes approximately 500 hours to complete the project, it can be estimated.

500 hours of work means that it will cost around $30,000 to $75,000. However, the number of hours can be highly subjective and entirely dependent on the type of application you want.

A more sophisticated and complex application will certainly need more time and effort for development.


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