5 Things to Consider before Building Your App

 While such questions can become a nightmare for a business owner and a developer, sometimes it is better to look for answers within. Seems spiritual, right?

The success of a mobile application is subject to a number of variables. Sometimes hiring even the best android app development company in Germany won’t get you a disruptive application.

Applications like Tilt OpTier, and Zulily were not short of money or good development teams. Yet, they failed miserably, even after having good ideas and a ready to be captured market. 

The correct mobile app development methodology can enhance your chances of achieving success. But what are those success factors, and how can you ensure that any type of Android or iOS app development will be profitable for you?


Things to Consider before Building your App

1. Understanding the Market

It is not a good idea to develop iOS and Android mobile applications on a gut feeling and intuition that it will be a successful venture. Researching and understanding the market is prima facie the most important thing to do.

Analyze your customers, competitors, and the market positioning pertaining to your product. Get to know your competitors and understand what they have been doing and how they are trying to capture the market.

The motive is to do or offer something more than what they are offering or doing. There is no reason to give the users two platforms that are parallel to each other in every sense.


2. Prepare a Marketing Plan

If not for the media coverage, would we ever come to know about anything happening in our neighborhood, let alone other corners of the world?

No, right? You need to be well-prepared beforehand with everything. From user acquisition to creating awareness, converting the leads, and bringing it down to the funnel.

If you cannot prepare a viral-ready marketing plan, get assistance from any leading web development company in Germany, and create a foolproof plan.  


3. UI and UX

Did you know that Google created an application, Google Wave, and it failed because of a bad UI? Yes, even global leaders like Google had to face the heat of an application failure.

Focus on creating applications that are the epitome of user-friendly design and user experience. From smooth screen transitions to using effective typography, color schema, and designing micro-interactions, you must consider everything.


4. Platform Choice

An application’s adaptability is highly dependent on the underlying platform. Before you start looking for the best iOS developers in Germany, ascertain that your target audience is using an iOS device or Android.

Creating an application is all about bringing something new, better, and utilitarian to the users. Thus, it is essential first to understand which devices your end users are working with. Is it Android, iOS, or Blackberry?


5. Privacy and security

There are stringent privacy rules and regulations applicable in almost every country today. So, no matter which is your target market, there will be some security and privacy restrictions.

Users need to trust your application before they start using it. Hence, identify your target market’s security guidelines and privacy settings only to embed these features into your application. Plus, while choosing your custom application development company in Germany, confirm their knowledge about security and privacy restrictions.


Ready to build your Application?

As per Statista, by 2023, the mobile application revenue stream will be worth $935 Billion. If you want to be a part of this colossal industry, create an intricate development plan.

Follow a step by step approach starting from discovery workshop, to creating mockups, prototypes, wireframes, and then running them against test audiences. Such measures play an essential role in getting your hands on the best mobile-ready application.


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